I have a toddler and still pack up a diaper bag whenever we leave the house, especially if I know we will be gone for a few hours. Sometimes I wonder if we have outgrown the diaper bag, but then every once in a while one of these items comes in handy when we are out and about. The things I keep in our diaper bag now are different from when we traveled with a baby. Of course, we are always growing and adapting, changing what we need as our little ones grow. I found a few things are a necessity to keep on me, when traveling with my toddler:

  • Snacks & Water: Toddlers are always hungry, I stay locked and loaded with a few snack time favorites to pull out whenever we need.
  • Small Toys & Books: I have a few toys/activities that are only for the diaper bag. These are great for when we go out to eat, need to wait in line somewhere, or need a quick distraction in the car. Because my toddler doesn’t see or play with these toys often, they don’t lose their excitement! I also keep a few books in the diaper bag. I really like the brand Indestructibles because of how thin they are. While these books are really made for babies, because they can literally be folded, tugged at, chewed on, etc. and they don’t break (hence the name indestructible) I love how compact they are, so we can keep a few options on hand. Plus, the pictures are engaging for my little one and help foster conversation.
  • Diapers/Wipes: We aren’t potty trained yet, nor are we currently trying, so I always make sure I have extra wipes and diapers on hand. The wipes come in handy for so much more than just diaper changes too, so I certainly will not leave the house without some!
  • Extra Outfit: I always make sure I have at least one appropriate outfit packed. I swap this extra outfit out depending on the weather/season. Kids are messy and accidents happen, so I would always rather be prepared. I also make sure I have a light sweatshirt in there too in the Fall/Winter, when the temperature can vary throughout the day.
  • Small Scissors: Hear me out on this one. Often when we go out to eat somewhere, and get my little one her own water cup the adult size straws are just too long. She can’t figure out how to not tip the cup too much without spilling, but also be able to reach the straw. These affordable and compact scissors save the day every time! We just snip off some of the straw so it is easier for her to maneuver
  • Potty Training Necessities: Like I said, we aren’t potty training just yet, but I know so many of you are. Make sure your diaper bag is also packed with extra underwear, plastic bags to put dirty underwear in, reward system (if you use it), and anything else you think might be necessary for your potty training little one when they are away from home.
  • Sunscreen/Sun Hat: Especially in the summer, I always make sure I have extra sunscreen and sun protection on me. It might be a cloudy day when you leave the house, and by mid-morning the sun is shining. Weather can be unpredictable, so I always try to be prepared.
  • First Aid Kit: My toddler moves a lot more than when she was a little baby. Cuts and scrapes happen, it is part of childhood. I always try to make sure I have a few bandaids on me at the very least, should we scrape a knee or elbow.

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The contents of my diaper bag are changing depending on the weather, the excursion, the time of day, etc. But this list contains some staples that are always in there! Mamas of toddlers, I would love to know, what else would you include in your diaper bag?

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