Mother’s Day when you’re pregnant with your first baby can feel a little strange. Do I celebrate? Do I just let it pass and wait until next year? I am pro-celebration for any occasion! You may not have your baby in your arms yet, but you are certainly a mother. I mean who else is keeping that baby safe for 9 months? Different women tend to officially feel like a mother at different times. For me, as soon as I saw those two lines on my at home pregnancy test I felt like I had become a mom. But for some, that feeling doesn’t come until their baby is here with them. Wherever you land on this spectrum, I’m here to tell you there isn’t a wrong answer. If you want to celebrate Mother’s Day and you have a round belly instead of full arms, go for it! 

But let’s be honest, your Mother’s Day celebrations may not be “traditional”.. I mean, your baby isn’t going to be giving you a homemade card or attempting breakfast in bed just yet. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some special ways you can mark the occasion. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite ideas for you below.

1. Take maternity photos. 

 A lot of women take maternity photos at some point in their pregnancy, typically when their bump is nice and visible. If you were hoping to partake in this pregnancy tradition, Mother’s Day would be a great time to do it! What a special way to celebrate being a mom, by capturing these early motherhood moments on film to look back on for years to come.

2. Relax! Have a spa day.  

Whether you head to an actual spa for a prenatal massage or you make your own spa at home with a manicure and a bubble bath, I highly recommend taking time to yourself to recharge, rest and relax. Pregnancy is hard work! Maybe you could even convince your partner to give you a pedicure, since if you’re like me you can’t reach your feet anymore! 

3. Work on a special baby project.

 Ok, I know I just told you to relax and now I’m telling you to work. But hear me out! Working on a baby related project can be a fun way to embrace the excitement of motherhood. Maybe you’ve been wanting to pick out the nursery furniture or décor, you and your partner could hit up the baby stores together to pick out the perfect items! Or have you been wanting to take that digital birth class together but haven’t had time to start it? This could be your weekend! These things may feel too practical to be considered celebrating but I think they’re a great way for you AND your partner to gear up and get excited for what’s ahead. While also knocking something off the to-do list. And we know a shorter to- do list makes  a happier mom right?

4. Get a baby book.  

Maybe you were gifted one at a baby shower or maybe you still need to grab one but Mother’s Day would be a great time to get it started. Usually baby books come with some introductory pages with space for information about your pregnancy, ultrasound photos and maybe even a family tree! Mother’s day would be a great time to get some of those thoughts and memories of pregnancy out on paper so you don’t forget them amidst the newborn baby haze. Not planning to do a baby book? No worries! Instead of working on a book, you could write a letter to your baby to save for them when they’re older.

Still looking for a baby book? These beautiful and simple childhood history books from  Promptly are great!

5. Have a special date night.  

Life with just you and your partner is winding down as your due date gets closer. So take advantage of this reason to celebrate and plan a special night for just the two of you. You could get dinner at your favorite restaurant or take a picnic to your favorite park. But wherever you go, take the time to enjoy each other’s company as you celebrate your journey into motherhood. 

People’s feelings around Mother’s Day tend to vary widely. I hope that whatever this holiday means to you this year, that you find a way to mark it in a way that feels special to YOU!

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