Being a toddler can be tough – the world is much more complicated than you can seem to understand and you have a lot of big emotions about it all. The toddler stage lasts for roughly 2 or 3 years, and in that time period your little one begins to experience A LOT of firsts. 

During that baby stage, you could talk through some of these big, scary milestones with your infant but there wasn’t much conversation about it. Now, your toddler understands a lot more and can discuss (to a degree) how they feel about certain milestones. Even if your toddler isn’t having conversations with you, they might protest going to the doctor because they don’t want a shot, or they might start acting out when a new baby enters the picture – these behaviors are their way of communicating. Listen to what your toddler has to say. 

During this toddler stage, your little one might not always listen to the words coming out of your mouth, but they do appreciate being prepared for any new experience or milestone. Books are the perfect partner for you, as you navigate some of these firsts with your little one!

mother and daughter reading a story in braille

Going to the Doctor

Going to the Dentist

Potty Training

Welcoming a New Baby

Transitioning Out of the Crib

Starting Daycare or School

Getting a Haircut

Separation Anxiety

Moving to a New House

Going on an Airplane

The unexpected or unknown might cause anxiety and nerves for all of us, and your children are no different. No matter the big life change, or first milestone you and your little one are about to face together, it is important to take the time to prepare and talk about what to expect.

It might also be helpful to bring a book with you, when you are ultimately face to face with this new experience. We all know how important literacy is during these early childhood years, and there are so many books out there addressing a range of topics – use these to your advantage! Happy Reading!

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