Bringing your baby home from the hospital will be a day that you never forget. Having a safe home for your little one’s arrival will help put your mind at ease and give you a smoother start to your parenthood journey. As a mother of two toddlers, here is what I have found to be the babyproofing essentials: 

Cabinet locks 

All it takes is a quick moment of distraction for your little one to get ahold of one of your household cleaners. A simple way to prevent poisoning is by installing cabinet locks. 

Outlet covers 

Outlets seem to always be at just the perfect level for your crawler to get to them. Installing outlet covers is an effective way to reduce the possibility of electrocution. 

Safety gates 

If you live in a multi-level home or have rooms you don’t want your child getting into, then safety gates are a must. Once my children started crawling, I loved being able to allow them to freely crawl around, without fear of them tumbling down the stairs 

Furniture Mounts 

In order to prevent furniture from falling on your little one, you will want to make sure your heavy furniture is mounted to the wall. This is especially crucial once your baby is pulling up on objects. Furniture tip-overs can be fatal… so head to your local hardware store to pick from a wide range of furniture mounting kits.

Corner Guards 

Another quick and effective way to keep your baby safe is by installing corner guards on sharp edges of furniture in your home. Once you have an unsteady toddler waddling around your home you don’t want to constantly be worried about them banging their head on the coffee table or poking their eye. The cushion of corner guards will help soften any bumps to the head. An added bonus is that corner guards are available in a variety of colors to make them more aesthetically pleasing in your home. 

Babies are constantly exploring and baby proofing is essential to help them learn about the world

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