What in the world could possibly be cuter than a little one all dressed up for Halloween!? The internet is saturated with costume ideas for your baby, toddler, or set of siblings – with so many adorable options, where do you even start? Here’s to hoping you feel inspired to find the perfect costume for you and your family this Halloween. 


Not every costume needs to be expensive or elaborate. It can be easy and cute to throw some simple pieces together. Look through your child’s closet and see what colors or clothes he/she already has.. Add some face paint or accessories and create your own, unique costume for your little one. Especially if you have more than one child, you might choose the Do-It-Yourself route – which is affordable and just as adorable!

Favorite Books/TV Shows

You can also draw Halloween costume inspiration from your child’s favorite books or TV shows. Your child already knows and loves certain characters, so imagine the excitement when he/she can dress up as one of them. You’ve watched the shows and read the books hundreds of times, but I bet you’ve never seen that character any cuter than when it is your own little one!


A popular and oh so adorable choice for Halloween costumes is to go the animal route. Animals and their sounds are one of the first concepts we teach our little ones, so your child will get a kick out of being a particular animal and saying that sound all day long. If you have a younger baby, there is just something about those too big costumes, with the oversized hoods that are too cute for words!

Interests/Career Choices 

Your child might be at an age where he/she has genuine interests. Play on those interests and use them as inspiration for Halloween. In addition to interests, your child might really like a particular career path – like a firefighter or police officer. The best part about these options for Halloween, is the costume can double up as dress up clothes for all year round.

Baby specific

When it comes to thinking of a costume for your baby, think comfort! Your little one might not be crawling or walking yet, so he/she may be spending a lot of time on Halloween either in a stroller/wagon or in your arms – you want them to feel comfortable doing so. Also consider the weather in your area, a baby won’t be able to tell you they feel too hot or too cold while out enjoying the Halloween festivities. As far as costume inspiration goes, Babies are cute all year round, but even cuter when dressed up, so really, anything works!

Sibling Specific

Using all of the above mentioned inspiration, consider your children’s ages and create the ultimate dynamic duo or triple threat. Ask your children what ideas they have, children are so naturally creative. Once you have a theme picked out, let each child have some say in what their final costume looks like.

Family Costumes

Maybe Halloween is your family’s thing, and everyone loves to join in on the fun, if that’s the case, be sure there are enough costumes for everyone in your family. You little ones are only little for so long, if they want everyone to dress up like Sesame Street so be it! If you have your own little sports team going, embrace it! Dress up, smile big and make those memories.

There are countless options out there when it comes to Halloween costumes, you can find inspiration for any and every category. Whatever it is you decide to do as a family, or just for your children, wishing you a safe and fun celebration! Enjoy the memories. Happy Halloween!

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