‘Tis the Season to be Jolly…..and maybe announce a new pregnancy?! What an exciting time of year to be pregnant and get to share the news with everyone! You might be stuck at a crossroads and know there are so many adorable Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas out there, but just not sure where to start or where to pull inspiration from. The Christmas season is full of magic and you want to make sure your pregnancy announcement is just as magical. 

To create the most perfect Christmas announcement, think about who you are creating this announcement for – for your family, for your partner, for a social media post, etc. You can enlist the help of a professional photographer or DIY a photo shoot yourself, either way now is your time to create your perfect Christmas themed pregnancy announcement!

Social Media Post

If you are looking for an easy way to announce your pregnancy on social media, without needing an eye for design, search through Etsy for digital pregnancy announcements. There are some really beautiful layouts that are simple to use – after purchase, you just enter your information, date and ultrasound picture. You can find digital announcements that are gender specific, gender neutral, letter boards, onesies, etc. Take a look and find the perfect announcement for your social media pages!

Christmas Cookie Announcement

 It’s the season of hot cocoa, fireside snuggles, matching pajamas and Christmas cookies! If you and your partner love to bake (or even eat) cookies, this might be the perfect announcement picture for you. Accent the countertops with some festive decor, lay out your ultrasound picture or maybe set up a letter board to really get the message across. I highly recommend pairing this announcement with a pair of adorable christmas cookie pjs! CLICK HERE for the softest baby pajamas, and HERE for adult matching lounge pajamas bottoms & jogger pajamas bottoms available HERE.

Baby Onesie Announcement

Once the two lines appear on that test, or once your doctor confirms your pregnancy with an ultrasound, I am sure you’ll be excited to start buying cute baby clothes! Why not include an adorable Christmas onesie (like THIS ONE) in your announcement?! Take a picture near the tree, put the onesie in a box for your partner to open, or have a professional photographer snap some pictures for you to cherish forever.

Ultrasound Picture Announcement

If you already have an ultrasound picture and want to include it in your announcement, there are so many ways you can do so! Hold up the ultrasound picture together while you’re sipping hot chocolate by the fire, turn the ultrasound into an ornament and hang it on the tree, or maybe the Elf on the Shelf can hold up the ultrasound picture and help you make your announcement – So cute!

Wine Bottle Wrap

This is a cute and subtle way to announce your pregnancy to parents, siblings or even your partner. Nobody will think twice if you show up to Christmas dinner with a bottle of wine to share, but if they take the time to read the label they will be in for the surprise of their life! There are a few different options out there, with a variety of wording, so you will be sure to find one that suits you and your family well! Add a festive wine bottle cover to make this the perfect Christmas announcement gift.

Christmas Ornaments

This is another perfect gift for someone special to open, or for you and your partner to hang on the tree together for a quick photo op! There are so many ornaments available, so you can find one that fits the aesthetic of what you are going for. Wrap up different ornaments for each person you are sharing this exciting news with, and they will have a memento to hang on their tree for years and years to come!

Sibling Wish List Announcement

If you are promoting your little one to big brother or sister this holiday season, a cute way to announce it is by adding it to their wish list for Santa. You can take a cute picture with the promotion listed (CLICK HERE for a template), or even have your little one show grandma and grandpa their letter to Santa, and have the big news listed. I like this idea to get your older children involved in the exciting announcement!

Christmas Cards

If you send Christmas cards to family and friends each year, and are far enough along in your pregnancy that you feel comfortable announcing it – doing so on a Christmas card can be so cute! This would also be a perfect way to announce your pregnancy to family, maybe have this be the card they open before they open their gifts . Find a style you like, add your details and voila announcement is done!

Christmas Tshirts

Whether you are announcing your pregnancy to your partner, parents, family members, or posing for a social media post – tshirts are an easy and stylish way to accomplish your goal! Find matching shirts that you and your partner can wear to the annual cookie baking event, or look for a funny shirt to get the message across. There are SO many cute choices available, you will absolutely find something that works for you.

Christmas is such a magical time of year, and you announcing your pregnancy only adds to the excitement! If you live near a tree farm, take advantage of the natural beauty and create your announcement pictures there. Unexpected snowfall? Throw your announcement together and have the beautiful snow as the perfect background. Find your inspiration and announce your new journey, Mama! Congratulations to you and your family!

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