So you’ve got your registry set up with all of the basics. You’ve checked off diapers, baby socks and everything in between. But maybe you’re looking for a few slightly more special or unique items to add to your registry. Whether you’re a first time mom who wants to add a little fun to your otherwise practical registry or a seasoned mom that already has the basics and is looking for fun extras , I’ve rounded up a few ideas that you may not have thought of yet!

1. Name Signs
Check for a variety of name signs!

These name signs can be a great way to accent a nursery wall! There are so many options for these so you can pick one that reflects the tone of your home or nursery. Additionally, if you’re not choosing to share the name before the birth you could always register for a gift card to buy a name sign and then it becomes a great way to introduce your little one!

2. Date Nights/Babysitting Fund

Now I know you’re probably not already thinking about leaving your little peanut when they’re not even here yet but at some point you will be. And how great to have a little fund to pull from to cover babysitting costs or to treat mom and dad to a kid free evening out! While this might be a bit unconventional, it’s especially great if this is a second baby and you don’t need as much of the “traditional” baby stuff. Babylist offers a cash fund option you could use for this type of gift.

3. Play and Exploration Kits

You’ve probably seen the Instagram ads for various subscription boxes that are for young children. They come with age appropriate toys and activities for your little one to explore. You can register for one of these and then take over the subscription yourself. These are great because they offer you some variety in the play items for your child without you having to figure out which toys to buy!

4. Keepsake Items

Maybe you plan to keep a baby book for your little one, or you want a kit to make a print of their hands and feet. Or a special Christmas ornament celebrating their arrival. Whatever it might be you can definitely add it to your registry! Believe me, people love to buy items that will be treasured for years!

5. Nursery Décor
Add some flair with beautiful prints!

Something people don’t always think about is that it can get pricey to get your nursery set up just the way you want it. Whether it’s adding a fun mobile, a mirror, accent wallpaper or something to hang on the wall- there are so many ways to make the nursery unique! Well, you can register for those items so your loved ones can be a part of the decorating process too! I love Caden Lane’s nursery prints and fun wallpaper. Etsy has a lot of unique items for any style as well!

6. Something for Dad
This diaper bag might encourage dad to get more involved with the diaper changes!

We want dad to feel included in the preparation and anticipation of your little one, so including something on the registry that is representative of him is a great idea! If your baby’s dad loves Star Wars, how about adding some Star Wars onesies? What about a baby carrier or diaper bag that is more “dad style”? Or special books that him and the baby can read together about his favorite things.

Registry Pro Tip

Since many of the more unique items aren’t going to be found at your typical baby registry stores, a site like Babylist is a great way to avoid having to create 5 registries. You can add items from any online retailer all in one place!

Happy Registering Mama!

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