You spend so much time planning the nursery, preparing for your baby’s birth and for bringing them home that sometimes you forget about preparing for yourself during that post partum time. There are so many things you can do to have a more stress free 4th trimester like meal prepping before baby arrives, accepting all the help and even making postpartum bathroom kits to have on hand. But what about something as simple as knowing what you’ll wear each day once you’re at home with your new bundle of joy?

Unfortunately you probably won’t be back in your pre-pregnancy clothes the minute you leave the hospital (although I’m sure there are some postpartum unicorns out there who did). Plus, after the major event of birthing a baby you may not be feeling 100% and are going to want some comfy options ready to go. Not to mention, the added complication of needing things that are nursing or pumping friendly for those that choose that route. As a mama still fresh in her 4th trimester, I’m sharing five of my most worn pieces from the first two weeks at home.

1.  Comfortable nursing bras

I cannot stress this enough- find the most comfortable ones for you! Everyone is different so the best option for me may not be best for you but I urge you to order several options until you find some that you don’t mind wearing 24/7. Personally I like the crossover style from Kindred Bravely and these hook/latch style that I ordered from Amazon.

2. This nightgown.

I have multiple options for sleepwear and encourage you to do the same but this nightgown from Motherhood Maternity has been one of my favorites. It’s nursing friendly which is great for middle of the night feeds, super comfortable fabric, it keeps me cool from those postpartum night sweats and doesn’t require me to sleep in a bra! It has a built in bra that isn’t too tight but allows me to pop in some nursing pads and be ready for bed. It would also be great if you’ve had a c-section and are trying to avoid having any tight clothing on your midsection.

3. Cotton tank tops.

A simple but wonderful staple piece to have plenty of. I have some that are nursing specific and some that are maternity and have a good amount of stretch so could still be used for nursing. Most importantly they are comfortable and easy to throw on with anything.

4. Button down dresses.

This dress is not actually a nursing piece but it works great! The buttons allow for easy nursing access, it’s a loose fit so you feel comfortable after delivery and the fabric is so light and breathable. Summer babies are no joke- it is a million degrees so anything to stay cool is important. This dress helps me feel like I’m more dressed up, with minimal effort, even when I was feeling rough those first few days. 

5. Caden Lane Robe.

This was gifted to me and I have loved it! I brought it to the hospital and it was great to wear once I was done with the hospital gown. The fabric is butter soft and so breathable which is great. It allows for easy nursing access, something to throw on over your pjs while your in-laws are visiting or to tuck baby into for some skin-to-skin time.

Remember mama, those weeks after baby is here can be tough so be gentle on yourself. And treat yourself to a few special, cozy pieces to make that transition a bit more comfortable. Veteran mams- what were your closet staples for postpartum? Let us know in the comments!

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