Last week we looked at five common pregnancy myths, but the “untruths” don’t stop there. Check out the next five myths to be sure you’re not fooled by a well meaning friend’s comments or advice. 

Myth #6 – Women Get a Pregnancy Glow

This one isn’t a complete myth because it can be a true pregnancy symptom, particularly in the second trimester for women to develop a seemingly glowing complexion. But it makes the list of myths because it isn’t true for everyone and in fact your skin can experience all different kinds of changes during pregnancy. Sure, you may experience a change by developing that glow or you may find your skin reverting back to your teen years with acne and discoloration popping up left and right. 

Myth #7: Pregnant Women Have Crazy Cravings

Wait, you’re not craving pickles on your ice cream? Something must be wrong! Nope, because crazy pregnancy cravings are a myth. This is another partial myth because craving particular foods (even odd combinations) can definitely be a pregnancy symptom. Researchers aren’t sure what causes the cravings- maybe it’s the hormones, maybe there is a nutrient deficiency your body is trying to make you aware of. Either way, they agree that not all women will experience these cravings and despite what we’ve heard, the most common cravings are not the crazy ones but more mainstream choices like milk, sweets or meat. 

Myth #8: Your Diet Causes/Prevents Allergies 

Have you been told by your “helpful” friend to give up peanuts because it will cause your baby to be allergic? Rest assured you can continue eating your peanut butter sandwiches during pregnancy. There is no evidence that a mom who eats certain allergy prone foods will pass an allergy or prevent an allergy in her child by avoiding that food during pregnancy. That’s not to say what you eat doesn’t matter, it sure does! You can definitely set your child up with good nutrition from the start with a healthy diet. But at this time the research thinks you probably  can’t affect their palate or their allergies. 

Myth #9: You Shouldn’t Exercise While Pregnant

I’m thinking this one came from a woman who was suffering from the common chronic fatigue many women experience in the first trimester, and was looking for a reason to stay on the couch. I get it! Pregnancy is exhausting! However, research and medical professionals agree that for the majority of women, regular exercise is beneficial and safe during pregnancy. You should always consult your provider before beginning any new exercise routine however, because every woman and pregnancy is different and some activities aren’t as pregnancy friendly. 

Myth #10: Heartburn Means Your Baby Will Have Hair

Surprise! This is actually true! It’s one we hear often and usually lump in with all the other myths and old wives tales we hear during pregnancy. But there has been research done that does show a correlation between the severity of heartburn and the hairiness of your little one. Was this one true for you? 

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