If you have ever taken care of a teething toddler then you know how draining it is. Very little to no sleep, the toddler isn’t eating, and most of the time it is accompanied by the dreaded teething fever. This past week, my 1-year-old went through it and took us all down with her. I noticed she was holding her ears and knew it was a sign of teething but decided to take her to the doctor to make sure she did not have an ear infection. Thankfully, she did not have an infection but her doctor noticed she was a bit congested. 

Leading a clean living household, I wanted to combat her symptoms in a clean way – if I could help it. So I turned to these 5 things to help my daughter with her teething fever and congestion:

1. Genexa Infants’ Pain & Fever

Genexa is the first clean medicine company! No, I am not sponsored by the brand but I sure wouldn’t mind being because I love the company. I love that I have confidence when giving my daughter their medicines. I know that she is getting the help she needs without all the extra preservatives and stuff I can’t even pronounce. It is a clear/white color because there are no artificial colors added to it. I didn’t even know that the pink color in Tylenol was added!! Like, why even add that?! There is an entire page on their website dedicated to the list of ingredients that are in their medicines and what ingredients they take pride in NEVER using. The transparency is super appreciated especially by a “clean living” parent such as myself.

2. Genexa Cold Crush

Because her doctor mentioned she was congested, the other Genexa medicine that we turned to was their Non-drowsy decongestant. We cut the tablet in half due to her age and it worked great! Seriously, after reading all the unnecessary stuff they put in other childrens’ medicine it really makes me wonder why I would use any other brand ever again.

3. DIY Popsicles

I got these really great popsicle molds from good ol’ Amazon and the shapes are so cute. The shape makes them the perfect teether. My daughter’s favorite food pouches are from Once Upon a Farm but, for whatever reason, she was not wanting to eat pouches while teething. She really did not want to eat anything at all. So, I squeezed the pouches into the popsicle molds and it made for a sneaky way to get her to successfully get in some nourishment!  

4. Healthy Bath Time

We often utilize healing baths in our household. I pretty much swear by them. To help my daughter break her fevers, I ran a warm (more on the lukewarm side) bath and used ¼ cup of Epsom salts with 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. I let her soak there for about 20 minutes. PRO TIP: just let them soak in the tub don’t worry about washing their hair since you don’t want them sitting with a cold wet head while running a fever. Or save washing their hair for the very last step. Here is a link to a blow-up bathtub that she has been obsessed with. It definitely has made bathtime more fun and comfortable for her.

5. Walk It Out

Taking walk is super important but I have found that it is especially important when your little one doesn’t feel their best. Nature is so healing. There are studies you can read up on how our bodies biologically need nature to function at their best. It is actually incredible! If your little one is feeling down or sick bring them out in nature to take in fresh air and sunlight. Right now, it is winter so sometimes it can be more of a chore to go out walking if you don’t have the right gear. I bought my daughter this snowsuit on Amazon that works so well. I recommend getting it a little bigger so you can throw them in it no matter what they are already wearing underneath! 

When your little pride and joy isn’t feeling well it is such a heartbreak, but I hope you and your baby find comfort in these few homeopathic tips. You got this, mama!

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