Chores! Chances are this word may trigger an uneasy feeling for both your toddler and you, but I’m here to tell you that CHORES can be fun and bring a sense of accomplishment to your toddler’s day! Here are five FUN chores to introduce to your toddler:

1. Watering Plants

Chances are your little one(s) loves water as much as mine do so this chore will be an instant hit! This chore allows your child to engage in sensory water play and the joy of caring for a living thing. Twice a week I help my two year old daughter fill her toddler sized watering can at our kitchen sink. She then carries it carefully over to our plants and practices her pouring skills to moisten the soil and keep our plants happy! 

2. Feeding the Family Pet

Our family dog Dallas is so loved so it’s no wonder this is hands down my daughter’s favorite chore! Dallas is fed twice daily so I help my toddler walk to the garage, allow her to scoop the dry food, and then carefully assist her in carrying it to and pouring it into his bowl. She loves that he quickly rushes over to her at the sound of the food hitting his bowl and I love that she is reinforcing important fine motor skills.

3. Wiping the Table Down after Meals

This chore can take place after breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner and involves more water play. First help your toddler wet a rag with warm water. Then, utilizing a mild cleaner such as Mrs. Meyers to spray and wipe down the table. My daughter enjoys spraying the bottle and we count each spray to reinforce numbers. *Remember to always store cleaning products safely away from children and to supervise this chore.

4. Quick Vacuuming

My best friend gifted my girls a kids Dyson vacuum for Christmas and it actually works! This was the gateway to a really helpful chore that my toddler can help with whenever needed. Whether it’s spilled goldfish, tracked in dirt, or pet tumbleweeds from our adorable pup, my toddler knows how to use her little Dyson or our more powerful little handheld Shark vacuum to quickly tidy up!

5. Grocery Unloading and Putting Away

We have about one big grocery store run a week so this is a weekly chore that my toddler looks forward to. When we get home from the store, I select a bag of appropriate weight for her to carry into the kitchen. Heavy work is a great sensory activity for toddlers and they love being a helper. When we unload I talk with her about the foods we are putting in the pantry and fridge.

Hopefully this list will help you and your toddler make chores FUN! Another way to make it fun is to set a timer for classic toy clean up and/or turn on some fun music for cleaning and dancing! Feel free to share some other fun chores for toddlers with our community in the comments below! 

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